This Tuesday my three amazing ex-flatmates Nadine, Märta and Mathilda are leaving London for good, and I am absolutely devastated. It is goijng to be so empty without these girls. Yesterday we tried to put the sadness aside and just focus on having the most epic night, since the girls were having a flat colding party in their Brodway Market flat. 

Here's Märta and Josefin, Urban Outfitters-babes!

Me and Nadine. Oh how I will miss not having this tall beauty on the other side of the shopping mall every day.

So many great people where there!

Josefin and Andrea (my current flatmate).

Dancing dancing dancing like there was no tomorrow (but there was, and I was working, and it was hell).

Nadine is so amazing. I'm so proud of her for following her dream and going to Australia, even though it's gonna make my life here a bit more grey.

We had the best night in ages and today I really remembered why I never go out on worknights, cause God was I dead today. It was well worth it though. So happy to have all these goregous girls in my life, even though we are all gonna live in different cities/countries/continents now, I know this is gonna be my crew for years and years to come. Now it's really time for me to sleep. Tomorrow is the big Superdry Christmas Party and we're all well excited, it's a masquerade and my store is kind of taking a piss cause we're all wearing animal masks. Should be a great night, I'll keep you posted. Xx
Swe: Mina älskade forna flatmates Mathilda, Märta och Nadine flyttar till Sverige på tisdag så igår hade de utflyttningsfest i sin lägenhet i Broadway Market. Hade den bästa kvällen på länge med så himla mycket bra människor, massa gamla flatmates, alla mina nya flatmates och andra fina. Fick sota för det idag när jag skulle jobba nio timmar, men det var det värt. De här tjejerna är mitt allt och jag vet faktiskt inte hur London kommer vara utan dem. Det känns som att en del av min familj lämnar mig och det kommer bli så tomt när alla kommer befinna sig på olika platser i världen. Det är som slutet av en era och början på ett nytt Londonliv på sätt och vis. 
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Kommer sakna dig så mycket <3

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Kommer sakna dig så mycket <3