When did you wake up?

6 o' clock. Was obviously hell. 

What have you done today?

Woke up, took the snail bus to work, worked for 7.5 hours, spent 1.5 hours picking out my new job uniform with Tilda, bought takeaway from Shakeshack and a bottle of Cava to celebrate mine and Tildas one year in London. It's today guys, crazy, isn't it? 

What did you have for breakfast?

Oatmeal. Always oatmeal. And coffee of course.

And what did you have for lunch?

Pasta Carbonara that Miguel made for me. How luxurious is that? To have someone make a lunchbox for you? 

And what did you have for dinner?

A burger from Shakeshack. Was delicious! 

Have you called anyone/did anyone call you today?

No! Such a loner! :( 

How have you been feeling today?

A lot better then yesterday, but still a bit rough from my cold. Hoping to feel better tomorrow.

What have you been listening to today?

At work I was listening to that awful work playlist that totally kills my soul. And now I'm listening to Coldplay.

What have you been wearing today?

Black Superdry-jeans, black Superdry-t-shirt and black Vagabond-boots. 

What made you happy?
I've been really happy today actually. I'm happy that I've made it to one year in London, that I finally picked out my new uniform and that I didn't have to buy lunch. 

What made you sad?

That a couple of my best colleauges are leaving! :(

What have you been drinking today?

Coffee, water and cava. Tea soon as well.

Have you bought anything today?

Went a little crazy with my uniform allowance so had to pay the extra. But got £400 worth of clothes for £10, so it was alright. 

What was the weirdest thing that happened?

Nothing too wierd happened really. 

Who have you spent the most time with today?

The people at work.

What regrets do you have?

That I didn't keep letting my supervisor believe that it was mine and Tildas couple anniversery today when Tilda told her we were going home to celebrate (one year in London that is). 

How was your day on a scale from 1 to 10?

It's been like a 7 I'd say!

What would you rather have done?

Not working would have been nice. But being home ill yesterday, it actually felt kind of nice to see people again.