How much do you spend on clothes every month? It depends really, generally around £60. More if I buy something big, like shoes and less if I'm skint. 
Do you have more shoes than clothes? I have too much of both, haha! But definitely more clothes.
Favourite piece in your wardrobe? I'm a big fan of jumpsuits and I have a couple that I really love! And my Allsaints bag, it was a really good investment, I use it every day.
Favourite colour on clothes? I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour.
Favourite hair style? When I actually manage the perfect messy curls. Like the day after I curl my hair.
Favourite print/pattern: Probably animal prints, but there's a fine line between classy and trashy.
Best accessories: Thin golden necklaces.
Underwear? Black lace!
A piece of clothing you hate? T-shirts with ugly prints. My work has made me allergic to those!


Your favourite food? A really good pasta carbonara!
Your favourite desert? Basically everything, I'm really big on desserts! But probably ice cream!
Your favourite drink? Diet Coke or Ice Coffee.
Your worst drink and food? Worst drink is probably tequila and worst food is something with fruit in it. I hate fruit. 
Your favourite alcoholic beverages? White Russian, Amaretto Sour, champagne and beer!
Do you use butter on your sandwich? Obviosly! 
Pick'n'mix or not? YES YES YES YES YES!
Your favourite soup? Some kind of seafood soup.
Favourite ice cream/ice lollies? Magnum Almond or Mars/Snickers ice cream bars. 


Do you have kids? No!
Is cheating okay? No!
Do you love someone? Of course. My family and friends. 
Does your family mean a lot to you? Yes, they are everything! 
Where do you prefer to go on holiday? Right now I want to go somewhere warm.
Your favourite climate? I like the Swedish climate with all its different seasons. Especially a really good summer day. 
House party or club? Usually house party! But a good club can be pretty great too!

Stole this list from the great Josefine.