Ska vi ta en titt på mina 9 mest likeade bilder på Instagram från förra året? Vi kör! 
9. Jag och Miguel på Gröna Lund i somras. Helt fantastisk dag! Mer sådant 2017 tack! 
8. Påväg på midsommarfirande, med en blomsterkrans som M gjort till mig. Hur fint?
7. Gott Nytt år! 
6. En dag i somras när jag och Miguel var på väg in till stan (börjar se en röd tråd i bilderna här, haha). 
5. En bild från London i Oktober. Åhh, jag jobbade ju bara en tvärgata härifrån. Det saknar man! Kommer nog alltid älska London. <3 
4. Mitt antagningsbesked till Modevetenskap I. Har min sista tenta imorgon och sedan är jag klar innan termin 2 drar igång. Har varit väldigt lärorikt hittills! Tror jag kommer ha stor nytta av de här kurserna i framtiden. 
3. Julafton, jag och mina systrar tar en sån här pussbild varje år, haha. Det är inte så ofta vi umgås alla fyra eftersom jag bor så långt bort. Saknar dem alltid. 
2. På en klippa på Kreta med min älskling i somras. Vår första solsemester tillsammans, och definitivt inte sista! 
1. Den här bilden lade jag upp när jag gjorde min sista dag på jobbet på Superdry. Det företaget kommer nog alltid ligga mig väldigt varmt om hjärtat; här har jag träffat några av mina absolut bästa vänner, både i London och Sverige, och framförallt - det var här jag träffade Miguel för tre år sedan. Hoppas jag kommer sätta min fot i företaget igen någon gång i framtiden, men just nu har jag andra äventyr för mig. 
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I just got home after having a beer with Fede and Chris after an exhausting day at work. I haven't really been on top this week, therefor haven't really felt like blogging, but lists are always fun, so I thought I'd do this one that I found on Josefines blog.


My most recent pin on Pinterest: This one. A recepie for butternut squash and spinash lasagna, sounds amazing (and so cheap!!!!). Will defo try to make this one day when I have a little more time. 

My most recent post on Tumblr:
This dress. ^

My most recent texts (sent & received):

Sent: "Okej? Den ena lägenheten var inte tillgänglig och den andra har inte svarat, så vi får skriva till några fler imorgon! Jag börjar halv två så jag hinner på morgonen! :)" To Tilda, we're trying to book a flat for our trip to Paris in two weeks. 

Received: "Ja jag tänkte nog att det räckte med bilderna för att minnas :)" From my sister Linnéa. 

My most recent whatsapp (sent & received):
 "Har ni Netfix? Råkade köpa dubbla konton så ni kan få en månad gratis om ni vill!" To my sisters, about me having bought double Netflix memberships and wondering if they want one. 


My most recent email: 
Sent: To my dad about my Netflix account. 
Received: From Airbnb, that the flat I tried to book wasn't available. 

The most recent post I saved on bloglovin': This one! A recepie for Pistachio falafels from Flora, sounds lush, will definetly try to make these.  

The last level I completed on Candy Crush: I deleted Candy Crush before I moved to London, so probably 1.5 years ago. Now I'm hooked on SimCity and TwoDots.

My most recent phone call: The last one I received was from an unknown number and the last one I made was a Facetime to my sister Wilma.

My most recent tv-series obsession: I've been rewatching Friends for the last few months, but last week I found Pramface on Netflix, which was quite good, watched two seasons in about three days. 

My most recent facebook message: "Ja det kan jag ju ha! Godnatt, sov så gott, vi hörs! <3" A good night message to my mum. 

My most recently dowloaded app: Nike running, time to get fit, hahah!

The last person I followed on instagram: This amazing guy who does incredible makeup to make himself look like different female celebrities, amazing!

The last movie I watched on Netflix: I rarely watch movies, mostly just tv-series, so I don't really remember to be honest. But last Tv-show wasa Friends. 

The last picture I got tagged in on Facebook: This one ^, which is absolutely horrible, but it's from two nights ago when we surprised our old manager Patri who just came home after five months in Asia. So most of these crazy people are my Superdry-family. Oh wow has five months gone by fast. 

The last song I played on Spotify: This one. Been obessed with Ed Sheeran lately for some reason. 

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How much do you spend on clothes every month? It depends really, generally around £60. More if I buy something big, like shoes and less if I'm skint. 
Do you have more shoes than clothes? I have too much of both, haha! But definitely more clothes.
Favourite piece in your wardrobe? I'm a big fan of jumpsuits and I have a couple that I really love! And my Allsaints bag, it was a really good investment, I use it every day.
Favourite colour on clothes? I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour.
Favourite hair style? When I actually manage the perfect messy curls. Like the day after I curl my hair.
Favourite print/pattern: Probably animal prints, but there's a fine line between classy and trashy.
Best accessories: Thin golden necklaces.
Underwear? Black lace!
A piece of clothing you hate? T-shirts with ugly prints. My work has made me allergic to those!


Your favourite food? A really good pasta carbonara!
Your favourite desert? Basically everything, I'm really big on desserts! But probably ice cream!
Your favourite drink? Diet Coke or Ice Coffee.
Your worst drink and food? Worst drink is probably tequila and worst food is something with fruit in it. I hate fruit. 
Your favourite alcoholic beverages? White Russian, Amaretto Sour, champagne and beer!
Do you use butter on your sandwich? Obviosly! 
Pick'n'mix or not? YES YES YES YES YES!
Your favourite soup? Some kind of seafood soup.
Favourite ice cream/ice lollies? Magnum Almond or Mars/Snickers ice cream bars. 


Do you have kids? No!
Is cheating okay? No!
Do you love someone? Of course. My family and friends. 
Does your family mean a lot to you? Yes, they are everything! 
Where do you prefer to go on holiday? Right now I want to go somewhere warm.
Your favourite climate? I like the Swedish climate with all its different seasons. Especially a really good summer day. 
House party or club? Usually house party! But a good club can be pretty great too!

Stole this list from the great Josefine.

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